Weddings & Fundraisers

In ancient times, newlyweds drank Honey Mead for one month after their wedding… assisting in virility for men and fertility for women. This period was called ‘The Honeymoon.’


A bottle of Special Edition Liqueur Enhanced Honey for every Guest! Our honey is #1 pure Canadian white honey–the liqueurs added are varied & tasty. Of course, your names and the date of your wedding is on the label or on a small card tied around the neck of the bottle. Choose Any:
  • Amaretto Honey – a nutty flavour, one of our most popular
  • Apricot Brandy – a taste of summer all year long with the addition of Apricot Brandy
  • Cointreau Honey – a fabulous taste of citrus fruit
  • Drambuie Honey – a flavour reminiscent of the Highlands of Scotland with this Scotch-flavoured liqueur
  • Cinnamon Honey – for honey with a punch, try this flavour
  • Maple – Maple syrup & honey – true Canadian flavour
  • Other Favours
A Beeswax Candle for every guest! With many different shapes of candle – fancy, sleek, plain – you choose the style that suits you! We can wrap them up with your name and wedding date hanging on a little card!
Did you know? Beeswax candles are environmentally friendly, and have natural relaxing aromatherapy properties. Regular paraffin candles are made from petroleum and can release all sorts of toxins into the air you breathe. Scented candles have even more chemicals that can coat your lungs. Natural Beeswax candles burn 3 times longer, and most importantly, they burn cleanly! They are not harmful like other candles, and they actually help improve the air quality because negative ions are emitted that actually help clean the air!


Many ceremonies incorporate the Unity Candle Lighting to symbolize the joining of two people and of two families. It can also symbolize spiritual life, light, love and caring. You may choose to have a unity candle reading. The 2 taper & pillar candles in this collection will yield a fragrant sweet aroma that speaks of the sweetness of love.
Unity Candle Set – $21.00


Smell the gentle aroma of a beeswax candle! With a room full of people, having these candles burning in the background to gently cleanse the air in a chemical-free natural way, you will do all your guests a favour! And since they burn three times longer than other candles, you are free to celebrate all night – and the romantic mood from the table candles will last as long as you do!

Attendants Gifts

… and Groomsmen gifts! Gourmet gift boxes may include all six gourmet honey flavours, a sleek bottle of pure honey in a reusable bottle with a wine stopper, and beeswax candles. Use one of our gift pack designs, or create your own!

Order Discounts:
1-50: regular price
51-100: 10% off
101-200: 15% off
200+ 20%
Includes 2 taper twist candles for the couple and one Pillar unity candle (choose the classic pillar or the or ornamental)
Attendants Gift Boxes
Gift Box With 5 large(165g) Jars of Liqueur Enhanced Honey
Gift Boxes with candles and honey made to custom orders – prices according to package contents Contact us!

Fund Raising

Looking to raise funds for your organization?
Groups such as Scouts, Guides, Hockey, and Ringette teams as well as church foundations have already discovered that our honey and beeswax candles are a truly unique, profitable, and popular product.
This #1 pure honey a healthy alternative to sugar and to mass produced honey; more flavourful than store-bought with all the natural enzymes and nutrients just as nature intended. It also guarantees a healthier profit than traditional fundraising items.
If all of the above is not reason enough to call us, consider this: we can deliver anywhere in Canada as late as two weeks away from your fund-raising drive!
Contact us for more details on pricing as well as suggested product mix for your particular organization, area, and client market. | Phone: (613) 424-9010
Toll Free: 1-855-215-2899