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Coming soon from a Heavenly Honey Beehive near you ! We are excited to let you know about new products we have been developing over the past several months that will be launched during the summer months and the early Fall.

To begin with, we have finalized and tested the mixture to make the BEEHIVE  BEE CLOTHS that replace saran wrap to protect you fruits, vegetables and sandwiches as well as providing a cover for dishes to protect the food contents. This is an increasingly popular product since it is all natural, lasts for up to a year and prevents stored food from sweating, suffocating and rotting. Our wraps provide the same protection to the food it contains as does the lemon rind for the lemon. The beehive wrap provides the same breathing capacity as the lemon skin

The product can be reused and  the warmth of the hand helps form it around the object being protected.  Wash in cold water between uses. It is compostable or can be used as a firestarter when it is no longer functional.


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Several years ago we produced firestarters made with small candy paper cups, filled with Beeswax, and 2 small pine cones and a small wick. We sold them in packages of 15. They were very popular and sold well, particularly at Christmas time. The difficulty in mass production was in obtaining sufficient quantities of pine cones, and consequently this product was discontinued.

However, based on the principal of firelogs being prepared using sawdust, we formulated firestarters containing sawdust and beeswax. How neat is that !!! Recyling a waste product, and providing a functional product to help start the old fashioned barbeque, camp fires, and the traditional fireplace.

Again, this is a product we launched 4 years ago but at the time did not have the facilities to mass produce our natural lip balms, and could not keep up with the demand. However, we are preparing to re-launch our two lip balms, in the early Fall, one of which contains vitamin E   Look for these at our Fall and Winter Shows.

This is a product we have had for a number of years, but somehow has not been high on our production list.  We have had an increasing number of requests for a skin Cream or balm. Our product contains beeswax, olive oil, and tea tree oil.  This combination of ingredients, seals and conditions the skin as well as hydrating it. The tea tree oil assists in correcting minor skin aliments. Can be used as a body rub.

While not being a new product, we have again decided to make this more readily available.  Our tincture of propolis is a 35 % solution of propolis in alcohol. We do not purify the propolis so it contains small quantities of bee pollen. This contributes to the health benefits of the Tincture. We no longer provide propolis in powder, chunk or pellet form since the tincture is more adaptable in its usage. Normal dosage is 2 to 10 drops in a small glass of water once or twice daily.