Time to Plan Your Bee Garden!

Spring is peeking around the corner, with the warm weather and sunshine everyone is probably planning their gardens! When planning remember our friends the bees! Attracting bees will not only help our bee population but also make your garden flourish! Here is a collection of ideas and plants to help grow a bee garden even in the smallest place.

David Suzuki suggests the following plants:

Early Mid-season Late
Blueberry Blackberry Aster (perennial)
Cotoneaster Cat mint Beggar’s tricks
Crabapple Catnip Borage
Cranberry Chives Coneflower
Crocus Dahlia Cornflower
Foxglove Hyssop Cosmos
Heliotrope Lavender Goldenrod
Hazelnut Raspberry Pumpkin
Heather Sunflower Sedum
Primrose Yarrow Squash

He also suggests making a bee bath out of a shallow dish with rocks and water for the bees to drink.

The honeybee conservancy suggests the following tips:

  • Replace some of your lawn with flowering plants
  • Select single flower plans (daisy, marigold) and not heavily hybridized varieties as they produce more nectar
  • Use only natural herbicides and pesticides
  • no garden? even a small rooftop or window garden is helpful to the bees!

Many retailers offer wildflower or bee mixes to augment your garden, not only are they beautiful but they will attract bee friends

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